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Affordable Wirefree Systems Now Available!

Protect your property and staff, see what your babysitter, nanny or cleaner is doing when you are not at home.  The purpose of covert systems is to catch the offender without them knowing they are being monitored.   This can be a very useful device to prevent losses and it also protects innocent staff from suspicion.  External coverts can also be used very effectively in high vandal risk areas to prevent damage etc to the camera.  These cameras can be incorporated into existing CCTV systems, normal domestic systems or used as stand alone devices.  They can even be linked to equipment to view them over normal telephone lines.

We can now offer a superb quality WORKING P.I.R. kit with a top quality mono camera, with or without audio at an attractive price. contact us for camera specifications.

More than 50% of retail theft is committed by employees, not customers. Protect your stock and monitor your staff, discretely and effectively using our superb hi-resolution covert cameras. These cameras can be supplied and installed in many innocent looking objects, some examples are listed below. An audio microphone is available on all covert cameras, if required, that will pick up speech at a distance of up to 20 feet. These cameras can be used with a wide range of devices e.g. cash register interface, door contacts on stock room door etc, and can even be wired into an existing TV system for an owner who lives on the premises.


  • Pic 1 - Covert camera in working clock
  • Pic 2 - Covert in working P.I.R. detector
  • Pic 3 - Covert in working smoke detector
  • Pic 4 - Covert in working speaker.
  • Pic 5- Covert in external BT type box
  • Pic 6 - Covert in EXIT or any sign.
  • Pic 7 - Covert in dummy 13 amp socket
  • Pic 8 - Covert in external burglar alarm bell box
  • Pic 9 - Inside a box file (where the arrow is pointing and highlighted in white so that you can see the camera)

We can put cameras in any everyday object, the only limit is imagination.

Temporary or localised problems, we supply portable kits to be moved around, both 12volt and 240 volt, as well as sales we can also arrange long or short term rental and out of hours installation.

Why not let us solve your problems, e-mail or telephone for free expert advice.  Our prices will make problem solving easy.

We have to many new products to list & can also supply very small 25mm*25mm pinhole cameras, some with audio, that can be easily concealed in existing room furniture at a very reasonable cost and with no "suspicious" new object.

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Pic 6

Pic 7
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Pic 8

Pic 9
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Pic 1

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Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5