Dylan Thomas

Day / Night Hi-Speed Dome Camera

Our latest high speed dome switches from high resolution colour to high resolution monochrome when the light drops below 3 lux, enabling operation right down to 0.05lux. The zoom power has increased to 25x optical (3.9mm - 95mm) and on-screen menus access more configuration options, including preset titling.

The IR Filter automatically moves from in front of the CCD as the camera turns to monochrome, dramatically increasing sensitivity and spectral response, and allowing the utilisation of infra-red lighting.

Each preset can be programmed with a 10 character title, displaying a description for various positions. Backlight compensation is enhanced, with adjustments for positioning the BLC zone, white balance can be set to auto/lock/manual/indoor or outdoor.

As with all our high speed domes, proportional control allows speds of 0.2 degrees per second upto 200 degrees per second, with alarms and presets providing upto 360 degrees per second.

This new dome deliveres incredible performance and functionality, yet costs little more than our standad colour units. It is bound to become the dome of choice for demanding end users and stute installers alike.

480TVL Colour resolution
570 TVL Mono Resolution
0.05 Lux Sensitivity (mono)
IR Sensitive (Mono)
Latest SuperEye Technology
Adjustable AGC and Sensitivity
10 Character Preset Titling
25:1 Zoom 3.9-95mm AF
128 Presets
Adjustable Backlight Comp
0.18-360 degrees persecond
Only 145mm Diameter
6 Local Alarm Inputs

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