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How To Monitor And Record Criminal Activity From The Comfort & Safety Of Your Armchair

Have you ever heard noises outside and been too nervous to investigate, ever wondered who is at the door? Has your car or property ever been attacked or vandalised, making you wish that you could identify the offenders?

Using our innovative camera security system you could. Don't just dismiss it because of apparent cost and complexity. These days it can be so practical, using our miniature, discrete, outdoor cameras to turn your existing television and video into an effective security system that is as simple to use as changing the channel on your TV.

Television cameras are forcing thieves out of the town centre into other areas. The same technology can protect your family and property so easily and at reasonable cost.

Systems can be, simple 1 camera to view the front door systems, up to 8 camera systems with automatic floodlight controllers and auto record facilities. Using an existing computer and modem, we can even give you Remote monitoring and alarm activation.

All our systems use the superb Advanced vision cameras, as illustrated below

See the Camera Technical Specifications

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Normal, tuned-in TV with camera at door

System Q Camera

Protect yourself and your property
from unwanted guests