Dylan Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions : Camera Installation

Q: Does the camera require any housing or heater for external use?
A: No not at all. All the external cameras that we sell are suitable for external use without an enclosure.

Q: What is the difference between the System Q cameras & the Budget cameras?
A: The System Q cameras are built to a much tougher specification than the Budget to resist harsher environments, we have used the System Q in the sea in Swansea's Docks with no problem. The sensitive electronics are completely encased in polymer resin to provide the ultimate protection against water ingress & shock. Unlike some other cameras, condensation is never a problem with this camera! A built-in heater prevents the lens from frosting over on the coldest of nights. We often demonstrate the superior quality by submerging the camera in a goldfish bowl. It isn't surprising that we don't lose many sales.

Q: On the new System Q colour camera, how does the day-night digital processing work?
A: The camera's electronics contain a sophisticated automatic gain control (AGC) that gives the best possible picture in low light. It works in 2 stages.

When the light levels falls to below 1 lux, the AGC dynamically boosts the brightness of the colour pixels resulting in a dilution of colour but a much improved picture in low light.

The brightened picture is further processed by the camera's electronics, re-adjusting the camera's colour balance to produce a more grayscale pictures with sharper detail in low light.

The end result is a much brighter picture in low light conditions that provides more visible detail on the monitor/TV screen.
To the naked eye, the camera's picture is almost completely grayscale in low light but it actually contains about %% colour information under these conditions.

Q: How Do You Connect the camera cable?
A: The budget camera is designed for DIY and is completely "plug-n-play", you just plug in the cable from the TV to the camera. The System Q camera is designed for a more professional installation and is also quite easy. Removing a locking screw releases the front camera section revealing the hidden junction box.

A terminal strip is provided to connect power, video & audio, this is colour labelled for ease of use. Cable entry can be made from the rear or through knockouts provided in the bracket cover.

Q: How do the cameras fasten to the wall or ceiling?
A: The budget camera is supplied with both a wall bracket & ceiling bracket that makes installation extremely simple. The System Q camera (pictured above) has two fastening holes to secure it either to the wall or ceiling.

Q: Can I alter the direction that the camera is pointing?
A: Yes, both the cameras have very clever bracket arrangements that allow the cameras to be pointed in any direction & locked in that position.

Q: What if I require a traditional looking camera, as a visible deterrent, but want the advantages of the System Q camera?
A: No problem! A purpose built "traditional looking" housing is available. Remember that you do not need this or any other heater or housing with our cameras.