Dylan Thomas

OMNI-EYES Video Transmission System.

This state of the art unit allows remote video surveillance, using ordinary telephone lines, of up to four cameras per unit, from anywhere in the country (or even the world ). The unit, which is smaller than a laptop computer, can both send and receive high quality video images, without the need for a computer interface, modem or special ISDN line.

Each unit, which is both transmitter and receiver, is merely plugged into the telephone line, and by using a password, can contact any other Omni-Eyes transceiver in order to receive pictures from the far end stations.

Omni-Eyes is so portable that it could easily be taken from place to place and set up in seconds. Instead of the usual dedicated telephone line needed for other systems, along with the permanent connection and large associated bills, any phone can be used, and can still be used as a normal phone unless the password is used.

An optional second control unit can also be connected for alarm signaling and pan/ tilt/ zoom facilities if required.


1 - Up to four cameras can be observed from BOTH ends.
2 - Quad picture reception.
3 - Full frame of one picture at high resolution ( slow update ).
4 - Full frame of one picture medium resolution ( medium update ).
5 - Full Frame of one picture digitalised resolution ( fast update ).

- Extremely user - friendly. Portable. The Omni Eyes unit is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.
- An unlimited number of stations can contact each other by using dedicated passwords.
- The use of passwords can also be used to restrict which station could view various others.


- Camera inputs: 4 * 1 Vpp Modem: 33.6kbps
- Video output: 1 * 1 Vpp Keypad: Membrane
- Resolution: 256 * 200 Power supply: 9 Volt A.C. (supplied)
- Screen update: Quad, 10 secs Size: 282 * 198 * 35mm
- 1/4 Screen. 3 seconds Approval: C.E. BABT
- 1/8 Screen. 1.5 Seconds
- Highlight. 1.5 Seconds

We can supply any type of conventional CCTV system, as used by Burgerking, St David's Cathedral and many other organisations!

We are now able to offer many other sophisticated remote monitoring devices, including a camera that can be monitored over a mobile phone.  Please contact us if you need any advice on these services.   Due to the diversity of equipment available, we do not try to display them all.