Dylan Thomas

1. PUB LANDLORDS - Can monitor trouble brewing & "the hand in the till". It could also be used to calm and restrain drunken & aggressive customers by displaying them on the pub Television. 

2. SHOPKEEPERS - To keep an eye on stockrooms, cash registers and light fingered customers.

3. BARS, NIGHTCLUBS & RESTAURANTS - To provide discrete surveillance in low light situations.

4. SMALL CAR PARKS - These can be inexpensively protected from unwanted theft & vandalism, encouraging people to choose your business or giving staff peace of mind.

5. RECEPTION AND PUBLIC AREAS - Protect both staff & customers and even reduce staff levels. Useful as a "duty of care" measure.

6. AT HOME - See who is at the front door (record any bogus callers.)

  1. Protect your vehicles & garden.
  2. Monitor your baby in the nursery or the children in the garden.
  3. EVEN automatically record any visitors or intruders, whether you are home or not.
  4. Give elderly people confidence & reassurance.

7. IN SMALL SCHOOLS - Provide quality "within budget" CCTV security to schools that cannot afford and do not require large complicated systems.

8. FACTORIES - To safely and remotely monitor hazardous area or plant breakdowns, monitor staff on night shifts etc.

9. COVERT CAMERAS - Hidden surveillance of staff, the public even nannies and cleaners etc.

10. TRAINING - Many customers find that the cameras ( sometimes linked to a microphone) can be a useful training aid, especially in reception areas etc.

See who is at
the frontdoor

Protect yourself from
unwanted guests

Protect yourself from

Protect yourself from
a hand in the till

Protect yourself from
shop lifters

Protect yourself from
car thieves